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The Funeral Honors program is currently looking for any and all professional M-Day soldiers and technicians who would be interested in performing Military Funeral Honors. We are anticipating a huge summer for the program with the potential of well over 600 funerals from May to August. All M-Day soldiers would receive a day’s base pay for a minimum of 4 hours training, as well as mileage if they live more than 50 miles from an event and a GSA vehicle is not available for them. Technicians would receive the same but would have to take 4 hours leave from their job and have supervisor permission to participate. Use the contact form below if you would like to support veteran’s families.

Do you have what it takes to join the Funeral Honors Team? Are you dedicated enough to look, act and be more professional than any other service member in your unit/organization? If you have the mental and physical capacity necessary to provide nothing but EXCELLENCE to families and friends of deceased veterans; than fill out our contact form.

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