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To all Maine Funeral Services Providers,

I wanted to send a quick letter to address an issue.

As you are aware, some families decline Military Funeral Honors at the time of interment. I would like to remind you that a Veteran’s entitlement to Military Funeral Honors never expires. If a family changes their mind at any time, we will provide an appropriate ceremony regardless of how much time has past since the Veteran passed away. This could be hours after the initial service or even 20 years after the Veteran’s burial.

Please provide the family with my contact information when they decline a Military Funeral Honors Ceremony at the time of internment. We will arrange the ceremony with the family member if and when they ever change their mind and decide to accept the ceremony.

Please don’t hesitate to call with any questions, comments or suggestions and thank you all for your tremendous support for the Veterans of Maine and the Maine Military Funeral Honors Program.


Adam Buckley
Maine Military Funeral Honors Program


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